womenplayingsportsandgamblingMore and more women are becoming addicted to gambling. Figures from reports show from Public Health Institutes all report trends going in the same direction .

Last year reports approached more and more women in large cities, of these women it was twice as many as the year before . Also in other parts of the country shows this trend.

A report from the Public Health Institute showed last fall that nearly half of the new problems are those of players that are women. In particular, women in the age group 45-64 years .

One reporter argues that the increase is due to the cynical promotional strategies , to marketing for gaming nowadays increasingly targeting women. This applies to several game companies.

Advertising of bingo online is often blamed. According to some, men in this type of advertising are often seen as stupid and childish while the woman is the brains in the family – and needs to relax with games.

It definitely caters to women.

Why is it wrong to do so ?

It feels like the New Jersey Casino Games make it to the market for men and may now be a saturated market . The focus is now on women in order to gain market share .

Some believe that women who might otherwise not play ,are drawn into it through this type of marketing.

Moreover, the consequences could be worse.

Women are often more difficult to seek help. The gameplay is twice shame coated . They are embarrassed and partly because they played in the first place or because they lost a lot of money. The men playing is more widely accepted.

If Gambling Addiction is as big a problem as alcohol and drugs then, there should also be the same opportunities to help.

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